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What’s Growler Friday?
Growler Friday is a celebration akin to sitting around a campfire with friends - but instead of a fire, there’s a growler! Pop it open, pour one for your buddies, and sit back and relax; it’s as easy as that. Growlers build teamwork and comradery, because you should always have a group of friends to help you take down a whole growler.
What’s a growler?
A growler is typically a 64 oz. vessel that's filled with fresh beer right from the tap of a brewery. You can think of them like refillable mini kegs. You’ll have to check with your state’s laws, but often you can only legally fill up a growler on the premises of the brewery that produces that beer. That means you can’t go to your local bar down the road and fill up whatever you want. Growlers can also come in 32 oz. sizes (sometimes called growlettes).
Anything I should know about using a growler?
Yes. Once you fill up a growler, you should plan to drink it within a week (that way the beer will be freshest) - and the absolute golden rule is that once you open a growler, you need to drink it all within that session. Resealed growlers will lose carbonation quickly, and no one wants that. This is why you probably don’t want to do Growler Friday alone - you’ll want a team helping you.
What time should I celebrate?
Whenever you feel the need to say goodbye to your work week and say hello to the weekend! Maybe that's during lunch, or maybe that's at a friday night get-together - you decide!
What if I work on the weekends?
Despite the name, Growler Friday doesn't actually have to be celebrated on a Friday; you can celebrate on whatever day precedes your weekend. The only rule is that you still have to call it Growler Friday - so if your days off are Wednesday and Thursday, then you would be celebrating "Growler Friday on a Tuesday."

Growler Friday Showcase

Anthem Growler with Clevyr Sticker Elk Valley Growler on Memorial Day Aaron Krauss drinking Anthem's Uroboros stout from the growler A nice Roughtail Brewing crowler Astrodog IPA and Neon Sunshine Stonecloud Brewing crowlers Some craft beer flights A growler and a nice ride to go with it A cool shaped growler from Stone Brewing Growlette from Anthem

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